Cardano stake pool with additional delegator rewards from your favorite CNFT projects.





340 ₳

Fixed Cost


The nodes run on high uptime instances in the AWS cloud to ensure a high availability and scalability. Relay nodes in Germany and US East. Our goal is to adapt the latest Cardano node versions as soon as possible.

By staking your wallet to LIT you can claim rewards from our partner CNFT projects. Rewards depend on the assets you hold in your wallet. If you hold assets from our partner projects you may be eligible to claim their tokens on our website.

Our LIT token is the utility token of the LIT stake pool that delegators can claim on our website. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 from which 100% will be distributed to delegators based on their active stake amount.

Pool ID: 02c7fc9aa1f415c8596f0957f68a3908dbdf458da4d09be93ddd608b
LIT Utility Token Policy ID: c601f21dbc9df02428b9ab9e13e1fe4de9906394a4f71e841ebbaf53